Tech Lab & Buildit Shop

For creative and inventive people to design, test and build their tech ideas

Fridays 10am to 5pm

From $50/day

Hackerspace and Makerspace


A tech focused workshop with everything you need to build your project. Includes rotary tools, hummers, saws, files, drivers, heat-gun, spanners, socket sets and expanding.

Tech Lab

A tech lab equipped with computers, Oscilloscope, signal generator, multi metres, adjustable power supply, soldering stations, 3D printer and much more.

For all of your electronic components, V-Slot, Openbuild brackets, fasteners, Arduino / Raspberry Pi micros, sensor modules, pumps, motors, drive systems and more. View catalogue and buy items when attending

Over 70 pages and a great resource containing "How to" design tips, lookup tables and easy to use and explained formulas.


    • Workshop and Tech Lab for project testing and building.

    • Extensive range of electronic micro processes, easy connect sensors, trackers, displays and communicate modules. (Eg Arduino, Raspberry Pie etc)

    • Automation electromechanical building systems.

    • IoT Public Gateway for 915Mhz long range communication devices.

    • Work benches, tables and chairs.

    • Computers (Win, OSX and Unix) with Internet access.

    • Small kitchen area with fridge, kettle, cups and glasses. (Instant Coffee and Tea Supplied)

    • Heating / Fan Cooling.


    • Open Days : 10am - 5pm Most Fridays


Open Day

Not For Profits Groups

    • STEM Youth Groups

    • Men's / Community Sheds

    • Women's Workshops

Contact us for further details.


    • Use of miscellaneous consumables such as adhesives, solvents, abrasive paper etc are includes subject to level of use.

    • Stock items from the Go Go Gadget Store


Step 1 - Check Open Days (Most Fridays)

Check available "SHARED - Hacksaw Open Day"

Step 2 - Create or Edit Booking

Step 3 - Check your emails for confirmation and payment details


The AHBC will remove or refuse access to anyone if they are deemed unfit or unsafe in any manner that may harm themselves or others.

Never use equipment unless you have been shown how to correctly use the equipment. Ask if in doubt, your safety is paramount.

Q. Can I buy Gadgets for my project?

A. Yes! We maintain a comprehensive range of electronic components, mechanical drives and V-Slot / OpenBuild construction items in the Go Go Gadget Store. View the Go Go Gadget Catalogue & Price list

We don't carry everyday hardware items.

Record your Gadget items on the Hacksaw Project Sheet and make payment in Cash (No Change Given), Credit Card or Hacksaw Gift Cards.

Q. Can I bring my own project materials, parts and tools?

A. Yes, please do!

The exceptions are:

  • No project builds are allowed that have exposed high AC or DC voltages.

  • 3D printer filament Laser Cutting material will need to be approved.

  • Solvents, chemicals or fuels.

Q. Is there someone who can show me how to use the equipment and give me ideas?

A. Yes! We will show you basic safety and operation on request.

Q. If I use a Gadget Store items and find that it is not suitable for my project, do I need to buy it?

A. Yes! If you have modified that item in any way or if the items is a Microprocessor (Arduino) / module and it has been connected it to your circuit

This also applies to electronic components such as MOSFET, IC, Transistors etc.

Q. What tools do I need to bring?

A. The facilities have a well-equipped workshop of every day tools like hammer, screwdrivers, spanners etc. You may need to bring tools if your project that exceeds the scope we cover.

Q. Rubbish and waste, do I need to remove?

A. Yes! Whatever you bring, you need to remove at the end of the session including packaging, off cuts etc. The Centre does not provide a rubbish and waste removal service except for sweep up dust and small particles.

Q. Can I attend both the Hackerspace and Makerspace with one booking?

A. Yes. Book ether space and pay for one session. You can use either spaces.

Q. Do I need to be a business owner to use the Hackerspace?

A. No. Anyone can book in and used the Hackerspace.

Q. Do I need to be a member to use the Hackerspace?

A. No. However, AHBC Members obtain signifiant discounts and other benefits.

Q. What is the age limit?

A. Any age however if under the age of 18 years, the person attending needs to be supervised by a parent or authorised care taker that is over the age of 18 years.

Q. Do i need to bring my own consumable like tape, rags, glue, cleaning solvents etc?

A. Many common products are available for a small fee and subject to the level of use. If your project requires such items, you need to supply or purchase from the Go Go Gadget Store.

Use of your own chemicals or solvents must be preapproved by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. A product MSDS may be required.

Q. Can I remove the safety guards on equipment?

A. Absolutely NO! The guards are in place for your safety.

Q. Can I build project that use high or mains voltage?

A. Absolutely NO! The Hackerspace only allows for low voltage projects Eg. 12VDC.

Q. What should I wear

A. We suggest that you apply our safety attire ideas otherwise we may restrict your access and use of equipment. Safety glasses are supplied at the centre. Click here to view further safety information