Venues for today's business


From a simple meeting room through to a media recording studio, the Adelaide Hills Business Centre has a space for you and your team. Just the right size for small to medium business events at realistic prices.

Optional Extras - BBQ Area, Conference Display, Computers, Build It Workshop & Tools, Electronics Lab, Lawn Area, Showers and more


  • Cancel within 24 hours.
  • Reschedule within 8 hours.
  • Online hire and management.
  • Member's rates capped @ 6 hours.
  • Special rates for Not For Profits, Community Groups, Associations and Clubs.

Ideal for 8 - 10 people with walkup ready digital wall and webinar capability.

A private meeting place for small groups from 4 to 6 people.

Create quality YouTube and perfect sounding Podcasts. Recording Studio & Green Screen

Idea space for groups up to 25 with digital presentation board.

Flexible and robust workshop space. Ideal for community gatherings of up to 20+ or workshops.

Test equipment, components, micros, modules, mechanical systems, drives and a workshop equiped to build your project.

Located in the Out-Space Facilities

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