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Remote communications systems are available in the Boardroom and Media Studio


Sound & Video Recordings



Lab & Buildit Workshop


From a simple meeting room, media recording studio through to an inventor's lab and Makerspace workshop the Adelaide Hills Business Centre has a space for you and your team. Ideal for small to medium groups at realistic prices.

Additional Resources - BBQ Area, Conference Display Board, Computers, Lawn Area, Showers and more


  • Reschedule your bookings any time when using the online form below.

  • Cancel bookings with full credit anytime when providing more than 72 hours notice using the online booking form below.

  • Access to Day and Off-Peak rates (Members)

  • Special rates for Not For Profits, Community Groups, Associations and Clubs.

COVID-19 Limit 10 people

Ideal for up to 8 people with internet sharing whiteboard and webinar capability.

COVID-19 Limit 4 people

A private meeting place for small groups up to 4 people.

COVID-19 Limit 4 people

Create quality video and sound recordings or live steam interviews and casting

COVID-19 Limit 20 people

Idea space for after hours groups up to 20 people with food serving table & digital presentation board.

COVID-19 Limit 16 people

Flexible and robust workshop space. Ideal for community gatherings, workshops, art classes and more.

  • 24 in theatre style

  • 12 in boardroom style

  • 12 in Workshop / Class

COVID-19 Closed

Bring your ideas to reality using the Hackerspace lab, buildit workshop and gadget store.

Open Most Fridays 10am to 5pm

Groups bookings, please contact us for details.

COVID-19 Closed

Move your ideas from notepad to reality. It's simple and affordable when you have access to the right tools and know how.

Open Most Fridays 10am to 5pm

Groups bookings, please contact us for details.

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