Visitor's Info

General Information

Welcome to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre Cowork Space

You will discover everything you need is here. You only need to bring a computer, connect to the internet, grab an espresso coffee and you are ready to take on the day. (Access to in house computers are limited)

While at the centre, explore and access:-

    • Cowork Spaces (Lounge, High Table or Individual / Group Tables & adjustable office chairs)

    • High speed WiFi (Up to 100 MB/s - See connection details below)

    • Refreshments of the day,

    • Shared facilities if not booked. Boardroom, Meeting Room and Media Studio.

    • There is also a really nice garden area to soak up and relax in.

    • Occasional printing of reports are included (10 pages / visit. Paid printing thereafter.)

    • Computers (Apples and Windows) are available (Limited number)

Day Pass

Go Coworking day pass (Max 8 Hour) can be purchased online or on attending the centre

Monthly Access Plans

Become a member and add a Cowork Plan for 24/7 access.

Larger & Specialised Printing Services

Paid Printing, Binding, Scanning and Laminating Services are available during your visit.

Conditions Of Access (Terms)

The centre works on the basis of "fair use" and respect for other users.

Work Spaces & Refreshments

Work Spaces

While at the Centre, you are permitted to take a seat in the Cowork Area, meeting rooms and outside if not booked. (See Display in passage for availability)

If you need to use one of the centre's computers, see the centre manager for details.

The centre works on the basis of "fair use" and respect for other users. For further details, click here.


While at the Centre you are permitted to access the light refreshments that may be on offer including:

    • Teas and instant coffee

    • Espresso Coffee including Short and Long Blacks, Flat White, Cappuccino

    • Hot chocolate

    • Filtered water

    • Biscuits and Fruits

Please return empty cups to the dishwasher or sink.

WiFi Access

High speed WiFi is available using the following Access Points:-

    • "AHBC" is located inside the main building

    • "OUTSPACE" is located in the Out-Space.

The password can be found on the Display Screen in the passage, wall signs or the table-top display stands. All in house computer are WiFi ready.

To use any of the Printers or Smart Boards, you will need to connect to the appropriate WiFi access points.


In House Computers

A limited number of Apple and Windows computers are available at the centre for visitors to use. Please see the centre manager for details.

Powering Up:

  • Check the computer is not in sleep mode. Press the enter key and wait a moment.

  • If no response, use the power switch on the computer:

    • To Start the Apple Mac, simply press the Power Switch on the rear of the screen, Left lower area. A gong noise will sound and Apple logo is displayed on startup.

    • To start the Windows Laptop, press the power switch near the top right of the keyboard. Wait for Windows to start.

Signing In:

  • Select "Visitor" icon as the user. No password is required.

  • Use a USB memory stick to save your files. When logging out or shutting down files may be removed from the computers within 24 hours or immediately.

  • Keyboards and mice are wirelessly paired to each computer. Spare batteries can be found in the store area.

Signing Out:

  • Copy files back to your USB memory stick.

  • Apple - Click on the Apple logo (top left corner) and select Shut Down or Log Out from the drop down menu.

  • Windows - Click on the Window Icon (Lower left corner), locate the Red Visit Icon and select and then Sign-out

Need Help

See the centre manager if the computers are not operating as expected or you need help.

We assume that you have a basic knowledge of using a Windows or a Mac computer and its applications. (Training is not provided)


All computers (Apple and Windows) are supplied with a web browser and Open Office (Used to create, open and save Microsoft Office files.)

Some Apple computer include iMovie and Final Cut Pro for those that wish to edit video and audio content.

New to Apple Macs:

    • Safari is the same as Edge or Internet Explorer. However, a Chrome browser is supplied.

    • Finder is the same as File Explorer.

    • Application menus are shown at the top of the screen and not part of the application window. As you switch between applications the menu will change for the active application.

Apple Visitor Or Guest Logon

Look for either the Red Visitor's Sign-in logo or Guest to use this computer. No password is required.

Visitor V's Guest

Visitor includes a range of applications including Open Office (Create, open, edit and save Microsoft files), Chrome and a number of other non Apple applications.

On logging out, you should:

    • Sign out of any web based applications

    • Copy any created files in the Document and Download folders (two blue folders in docking bar) to a USB Memory Stick.

    • Delete all files on the Document and Download folders.

    • Empty rubbish bin

    • log out (Click Apple icon top left menu)

Guest includes the standard range of Apple applications including Safari (Browser), Pages, Numbers and Keynote. At all times you should save your files to a USB memory stick.

On logging out, you should:

    • Copy any created files in the Document and Download folders (two blue folders in docking bar) to a USB Memory Stick.

    • Log out (Click Apple icon top left menu)

    • All files and activities associated with your session are totally removed.

Document Folder| Download Folder | Trash Bin

About Apple iMacs

USB connections on the Apple Macs are located on the rear of the screen.


Occasional and Limited Free Printing

Go Coworking and Cowork Members have access to printers for occasional use only. Eg. A few pages per visit.

If you intend to exceed 10 pages, please declare for invoicing or make cash payment using the Order Envelope located in the passage and place in black payment box. $0.10/black and $0.50/colour page printed and $0.10 per scan to supplied USB Memory Stick.

To print you will need to connect to the AHBC WiFi.