Faxing Services

Faxing (International / Internet) - Paid Service

The OKI MC853 Multi Function Centre offers Internet Faxing to anywhere in the world.

Sending to a Fax Number

Entering the full international fax number followed by @faxallpages.com like an email.

For example, if you want to send a fax to someone in Australia at 08 0555 1234 you would enter the international fax number and fax server address Eg. 61805551234@faxallpages.com

The 61 is the country code for Australia followed by the Area Code without the leading '0'. The same applies with mobile telephone number. 0400.... becomes 400...

Sending to an Email Address

You can easily send faxes by entering the receiver email address.

How do I receive a fax?

All faxes to (61 8 8180 1775) will be received and printed. It normally takes 1 to 3 minutes for an incoming fax to be processed and printed.

If a fax is received for you, we will process and send to you by email or hold for your collection. Please let the centre know in advance of any potential faxes to be received.

Receiving Fax Number

Faxes may be received at

  • 08 8180 1775 or
  • 61 8 8180 1775

If you have contacted us of an incoming Fax addressed to you we will notify you or on forward the fax as an email.

A notification and printing fee will applies.

Node Phone Number

Many internet phone services are established through other states so while you may reside in SA your may have a Area Code of 07 for QLD

OKI Copying & User ID Account

Establishing a User ID Account

If you intend to use the advanced features of the OKI MFC such as colour prints, faxing etc, please ask the AHBC manager to allocate a User ID Account (Username and ID Code).

The OKI printer requires a User ID Account to access.

With a User ID Account you will be able to create mono or colour prints, use A4, A3 and custom documents sizes, scanning, copying and internet faxing.

This service can be established as a "Pay As You Go" or monthly invoice for Members.

Your User ID Account tracks all of your printing and scanning activities during a session or month.

Login with User ID Account

Making photo copies is simple. Simply enter your User ID Code and select "OK" from screen.

Login Screen on OKI MC 853 Printer