Visitor's Info

General Information


Welcome to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

While at the centre, you may explore and access the following services.

    • Access to Cowork Spaces (Lounge, High Table or Table)
    • Access to high speed WiFi (Up to 100MB/s - See connection details below)
    • Access to refreshments of the day,
    • Shared access to Boardroom, Meeting Room and Media Studio if not booked.

Other Services

    • Paid Printing, Binding, Scanning, Laminating and Faxing Services are available during your visit
    • Computers (Apples and Windows) are available for hire by the hour or day.

Day Pass

Go Coworking day pass (Max 8 Hour) can be purchased online or on attending the centre

Monthly Access

Coworker Membership (24/7 Access)

  • 20 hours/week - $72/month
  • 30 hours/week - $99/month
  • 40 hours/week - $125/month

Casual and Cowork Members can invite up to 2 visitors to join them at $15 pp. For large groups, book a meeting space.

Conditions Of Access (Terms)

The centre works on the basis of "fair use" and respect for other users.

Work Spaces & Refreshments

Work Spaces

While at the Centre, you are permitted to take a seat in the Cowork Area, meeting rooms and outside if not booked. (See Display in passage for availability)

If you need to use one of the centre's computers, they are located in the Media Studio.

The centre works on the basis of "fair use" and respect for other users. For further details, click here.


While at the Centre you are permitted to access the light refreshments that may be on offer including:

    • Teas and instant coffee
    • Espresso Coffee including Short and Long Blacks, Flat White, Cappuccino
    • Hot chocolate
    • Filtered water
    • Biscuits and Fruits

Please return empty cups to the dishwasher or sink.



To use any of the Printers or Smart Boards, you will need to connect to the appropriate WiFi access points.

High speed WiFi is available using the following Access Points:-

    • "AHBC" located inside the main building
    • "OUTSPACE" located in the Out-Space.

The password can be found on the Display Screen in the passage, wall signs or the table top display stands. All in house computer are WiFi ready.