COVID-19 Plan &

Conditions Of Entry

If you don't have a mask, the centre has spares disposable mask at entrance.


  • No 24/7 access. ONLY during open hours M-F 10am to 5pm

  • Everyone MUST check in using the QR Code located at all entry points or using the visitor's pass. Please enter the date, your name, phone / email address.

  • Under 18 years, you MUST check in or be accompanied by an adult checking in.

  • You must maintain a density (1 person per 2 square metres) from all others not in your group.

  • You must wear a Mask while inside and not seated.

  • You can NOT enter if you have any flu or cold like symptoms.

  • You can NOT enter if you have been asked to quarantine or self-isolate.

  • You can NOT enter if you have been in contact with others in quarantined or confirmed COVID-19 cases within the past 21 days.


Gordon Kay is the certified COVID-19 Marshall for the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

He will normally be at the centre on Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm, being the peak times at the centre.

Marshal ID 3456075


From the 28th July 2021, assuming the state returns to Level 4 COVID-19 Restriction.

All facility / Room booking pages include a capacity number. These numbers must not be exceeded.

Food and other refreshments are allowed inline with the centre's terms, please dispose of all rubbish and cleanup.

Hand Sanitiser

Please use hand sanitiser or wash your hands on arrival and when leaving the centre and maintain a distance of 1.5m from others not in your group. Face mask are supplied if required.

QR Codes & Visitor's Pass

On entering the Centre, You and all other with you must complete a COVID-19 Check-in using the QR code or complete Visitor Passes and place in the mailbox located in the main passage.


Coworkers and Room Hires can help minimise the spread of COVID by spraying down table surfaces, chairs and other touched areas with "Glen 20" as supplied. (Do NOT expose spray to hot surfaces or a naked flame)

COVID-Safe Plan

COVID-19 Safe Plan for the AHBC

To view our full COVID-19 Safe Plan click here

Please note, while the above COVID Safe Plan indicates greater room capacity, the AHBC has applied lower room limits for some rooms. This is due to fixtures and furniture in rooms.

Cleaning & disinfecting

  • The centre is fully cleaned, vacuumed, mopped and disinfected at least once a week. (completed on Sundays)

  • If higher than normal levels of visitors and users occur, more frequent cleaning will apply.

  • Cowork, bathrooms, reception, entry / exit doors are disinfected daily.

  • Surfaces at the centre are cleaned with a multipurpose disinfectant and alcohol solutions (methylated spirits). Tiled floor areas are mopped with a multipurpose disinfectant.

  • Bathroom liquid hand wash soap are antibacterial and paper towels are available for hand drying.


Glen 20 is provided at the centre for visitors and user minimise the spread of COVID. The spray can be applied to surfaces such as tables, chairs, door handles and other touched surfaces.

Glen 20 Data Sheet