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Your Life, Your Time - Time Management

Feel like you never have time to get things done or to spend time with your family and friends? 

Believe me, you are not alone. 

How you manage your time is important as we all share in common a limited lifespan and what we wish to achieve. 

In this 90 minute Table Talk we explore: 
  • Overcoming the business owner impostor syndrome. 
  • The real value of your time. 
  • The value of time you buy. 
  • Identifying what is important and urgent and what to focus on. 
  • How to side step time wasters. 
  • Being in control of your time and having a clear direction 
  • Delegation, automation or removal of tasks 
  • learning to say NO! 

You will gain a greater awareness of your time, its value and how to gain more time.

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Cost: $25pp

Adelaide Hills Business Centre
82 Onkaparinga Valley Road
Woodside South Australia 5244 (Map)

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