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The Two Faced Customer - Marketing

Your customers have needs and are seeking reasons why they should be spending more money with you. Introducing Table Talks newest marketing topic "Two Faced Customers" 

One Face Wants Save Money and the other face wants To Spend More." The We Are Here - Business There are businesses that simply wait for an order to appear from a customer whose only role it is to send orders. This business is totally dependent on the customer’s willingness to process orders. Can I Help You - Business There are businesses that communicate with customers in terms of price. You know these businesses as they ask "Can I Help You". They go out of their way to create a sale on price. Wow, I Need To Share This - Business Then there are the businesses that seek to understand their customer’s needs and share what they know freely to build trust and a long term relationship. They also know that customers are people just like them. Businesses that do this create such a bond that promotes repeat business, higher valued sales, referrals and are seen as a unique provider. The person will identify the business as a valued and respected partner in their life. You will leave this Table Talk with a new perspective on how you can connect with customers and grow your business profits. Book Now! 90 minutes will change the way you do business.

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