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The Good Bad and the Ugly

Media is a means of distributing mass communication. 

In the early 1900’s, it was news papers, billboards and radio. In the 50’s television, and then 2004 Facebook arrived with many other forms of social media. 

Strangely enough all of these media strategies coexist today. Nevertheless one communication, Good or Bad can rapidly transpose from one form of media to another and this is where many business owners discover the Ugly.

This Table Talk introduces you to doing Good, avoiding the Bad and dealing with the Ugly 

The Good
Developing a social media strategy to ensure your content is newsworthy and what people want. 

The Bad
Not being committed is a sure way to disengage your potential audience. Post for a positive purpose and engaging with your customers. 

The Ugly
The importance of being candid and transparent if things get Ugly. 

90 minutes on and you will have the knowledge to create media policy for you and your staff.

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