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Protecting Your Ideas & Brand

Most likely you have heard, "The longer you are in business the more valuable your brand becomes".  But what does it really mean and how do you protect your branding. 

This Table Talk reveals the Intellectual Property (IP) that you create in your business and what action you can take to protect it from others taking it from you. 

You will look at:- 
  • The difference between IP and a Trade Secret. 
  • Trademarking your business's identity. 
  • What you need to do if others infringe your IP. 
  • The importance of Domain Names and associated domains. 
  • Copyright on unique work of art, software code or literature. 
  • Patents and designs. 
  • When to go public and the importance of being in the public arena. 
In 90 minutes you will have an understanding of how to protect your brand and other IP

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Cost: $25pp

Adelaide Hills Business Centre
82 Onkaparinga Valley Road
Woodside South Australia 5244 (Map)

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