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"Protect Your Business Name, Brand and Logo"

Most business people believe they own the right to use a registered business name or company name as their trading name.  This is not the case and some businesses can find themselves receiving a cease and desist letter, also known as an "infringement letter" as another person or legal entity (Company) owns the wording, image or colour that you may be using to promote your business. 

You can protect your business and branding by simply applying for a trademark.
Word trademarks need to be unique (Not Common Words) unless the word is not related to your industry sector (Class)  Eg. Apple in the Computer Sector is acceptable but not in the Food sector.  

Image trademark and may include common words (Eg Your Company Name) as part of that image.  For example the Adelaide Hills Business Centre logo (Tree and Text) is protected.

Trademarks have an ongoing registration period of 10 years within Australia.  

Consider a trademark to protect each of your brands (Products and services), business name and logo.  You should also register all domain names that match you business or product / service names or similar.  Click here to secure your domains now.

Trade Mark Registration of a Logo

Registration of a trademark in a single *Class (Industry Group) using the TM Headstart service with IP Australia. (Government department that overseas the registration of Intellectual Property)

TM Headstart is a fast service that will assess the registrability of proposed Trade Mark first. Trade Mark Examiner will complete an assessment normally within 5 business days. We will confirm with you the level of acceptance, issues or concerns.  The total process could take a couple of months.  You may receive some objections to your trademark from others however most applications we process are approved with not further action by you.

Please note, additional fees may apply if your Trade Mark application is challenged.

You need to provide us with:
  • Owner of proposed Trade Mark.  Names, Address or Company name, A.C.N. and Address.  Must be a legal entity. (Person over 18 years or Company)
  • Electronic image of trademark and / or wording.
  • Note that we may require further details during the application process.
  • Credit Card details for registration fees as they come due.
Members Cost $660
Non Member Cost $760
  • $330 / $475 to complete an initial IP search, provide advise on minimising application issues and extra cost, image cleanup or work compliance check.
  • $200 IP Australia Pre-Application service per *Class
  • $130 IP Australia Application service per *Class
* A Class is a group of Products or Service categories that a trademark is linked two. Many application only need to be registered to one Class.

Trade Marks remain enforceable for 10 years or for as long as they are renewed with IP Australia

All prices include GST. The above services must be paid in advance. 

If for any reason, your application or registration is rejected, you are still required to make full payment of our services and involvement.