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SEO Tools

Optimise your site with Google SEO tools; Analytics, Webmaster My Business.  
Three great products that cost nothing to manage and build greater awareness for your business on the internet.  

Having your web site and pages optimise for the internet helps search engines to list your website to potential customers.

Google Analytics measures the traffic to your site, how visitors move through the site, retention time, keywords and much more.

Google Webmaster allows you to educate Google to list your site with Sitemap, data highlighter and much more.

Google My Business connects your business directly with customers, whether they're looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.  Show your open times, store or service locations, events and more.

What you get
Using your existing Google Account or a new Google Account that we establish on your behalf, all three Google products will be established, linked to your current web site and your business information established.

Also includes two Table Talks sessions for you to learn how to build your web presence.  
  • SEO Basic (How to use Analytics, Webmaster and My Business.
  • The Line Of Google (How to get Google to list your web site more)
You need to provide us with:
  • Access your existing web site to connect Google Analytics and Webmaster.
  • Business Name and ABN
  • Business information (Location, Email, Phone, Opening Times)
$295 for the initial setup plus Table Talk Sessions.  

Contact Us
Simply complete the online "Contact Us" form and select "Google Apps" to take control of your SEO.

If you wish to understand what SEO is about, we have created a simple BLOG article that should assist you.  Click here to view.

Did you know Google will create and host a 360° view of your business as part of its online map system.  Click here for more information.