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Google G Suite - Online Biz System

Google G Suite - Your complete business online solution in one place, anytime, anywhere.
  • Emails with your domain name,
  • Web Site hosting and easy to use website creator,
  • Shared calendars and online files,
  • Office suite of tools for word processing, spreadsheets, forms and more
  • No more costly software, tech support, loading of software.
Why G Suite? - No costly hardware, technical support, maintenance, software updates and complex email servers.

Attached to your domain name
Email in your domain name
Website in your domain name
Flexible, Scalable, Team Building
Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device. 
"Look professional and own it."

Google G Suite Setup 
with 1 year's subscription for your first user.
from a low $295 
(ongoing fees only $90/User/Year)

Need a Domain Name and Hosting +$155
for 2 years registration and hosting

Need a Website and Contact Form  +$195.

Internal Website +$195.
Private internal website ideal for staff to record timesheet, leave, service reports and much more.  


Google G Suite Introduction

Google G Suite