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Business Tool Kit

Time and cost saving templates ready for you to use and share with your accountant, business advisor and others. All documents are supplied in a Shared Online Folder. 

Please note that while these templates and documents provide a starting point, you need to consider the level of suitability for your particular situation and seek professional advice particularly when it comes to financial, taxation and legal matters. 
  • Cashbook Accounting System - Simple accounting system for business.  
  • Advanced Cashbook Accounting System - With 3 bank account capability
  • Corporation Conduct Notes and Templates - Meeting Procedures, Governance Checklist, Shareholder and Exec agreements and more 
  • Loan Amortisation Schedule -  Calculate and optimise bank loans.  
  • Trademark Cease and Desist Letter - Notes and sample letter to protect your IP rights
  • Price Calculator - Calculates the price tag for goods or hourly service rates. TABLE TALK Available
  • Business Plan - Overview of what's in a business plan and template. TABLE TALK Available
  • Budget, Action Plan and Cashflow - Spreadsheet with it all. TABLE TALK Available
  • Search Engine Optimisation Tips - Simple ways to increase your online engagement TABLE TALK Available
  • Letter Of Engagement – Full-time and part-time new employees joining your business. 
  • NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement - A bilateral agreement to protect your ideas or patent applications.  
  • MOU or Memorandum Of Understanding - Terms of understanding between various individuals and/or businesses. 
  • DOA or Deed of Assignment - Transferring the ownership of intellectual property.

  • AHBC Members (FREE) 
  • Non AHBC Members $35
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Shared Online Folders 
The business tools are provided in a shared online folder containing business documents and templates. 

If you have a Google or Gmail account, you can add the folder to your Google Drive and share other documents with the AHBC or simply download to your computer for private use.