Ruby Tree Club Managment

To access Calendars and Documents use your Google Account and Password.

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The Ruby Tree Club


About Ruby Tree Club Calendar and Events
To create a Ruby Tree Calendar Event, ensure you have access to the iCal calendar.  See iCal link below and "Help on iCal".

When creating an Ruby Tree Event, simply create a Calendar Event in the Ruby Tree Calendar with an Event Title, Location, Time, Information about the event and who is hosting the vents in the content area.  All of this information will be published on the AHBC website and invite emails.

You also need to add at the end of the main content area three dashes "---" and four variables.  The variables are used to manage booking etc. See details below.

iCal Ruby Tree Calendar Link. 

Creating An Event
  1. Create Title For The Event
  2. Enter Start Time and End Times
  3. Add location for the event.  If at the AHBC the address is "Adelaide Hills Business Centre 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside. South Australia. 5244"
  4. Add content about the event using the following format.  See copy and paste text below.
  • --- (3 or more dashes) Add text to be displayed on invite email followed by 3 dashes.  The 3 dashes state that the end of the message and what follows are settings as outlined below.
  • Book= directs to url for bookings.  NO SPACES
  • Cost=$29pp to show cost in listing. (Will include text to the end of the line.  NO SPACES
  • Email={email Address} the event host. When booking are made, the host will be advised by email.  No SPACES
  • Image={followed by URL including "http://". Avoid https:// as images will mostly will not appear.  No SPACES
Copy & Paste text to the calendar event.  Change Email to your (Host) email address.  The image link is the current set to the Ruby Tree Logo but you may change as requred.

No Spaces before and after the variable name and equal sign.

Cost=Members Free - Others $29pp