Hip Hip! . . . Hooray!

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to building a stronger business and you.

What's Next!
    1. In a couple of days you will receive your Access Fob by post (Green Key Tag) and Mailbox key.  The Access Fob is your unique electronic key to your new shared working space.

    2. Simply follow the instructions included with your Access Fob to unlock your special PrePaid benefits.
Getting Started Now!

While your Access Fob is in transit, taking advantage of your membership Now.
    • Programs to help you develop your skill, gain greater knowledge and expand your current thinking.  
    • Events and Table Talks are ideal to boost "Know-How" for real results.
    • Meeting Rooms for you and your guest to work together as a team.
Your Plan (Executive) 

Your plan provides a total of 40 hours of Coworking Space per week, 10 Free Visitor's Passes per month and access to a business advisor. Other benefits include access to meeting rooms if not pre-booked, early bird Breakfast, Coffee, other refreshments, WiFi internet access and printing.