Not For Profits

Not For Profit Associations, Clubs or Community Groups, discover the smarter alternative.

Does your organisation:-
  • Need a place to call home?

  • Want to reduce cost?

  • Want to offer a better service to your members and community

  • Want modern facilities to hold meetings and events?

  • Want to improve its branding and marketing efforts?

  • Need a place to store shared documents, files and records?

  • Need a postal / delivery address with notification alerts?

  • Need to learn new knowhow and skills?

  • Want a relaxing place to work from?

From as little as $95 per year the Adelaide Hills Business Centre can deliver on all off these items and more.  

It simply starts by becoming an AHBC Member.

"It's Easy, Fast, Risk Free and 
the smart thing to do"
How it works from only $95/Year.
AHBC Not For Profit:
For you and your organisation to be considered as a Not For Profit member at the AHBC, you may be required to demonstrate one or more of the following:-
  • The your organisation is not government funded except for project deliverable grants.
  • The organisation is registered as a Not For Profit with the ACNC
  • The your organisations is local and community focused around sport, interest groups, education and the like.
  • That your organisation is not owned or funded by government.