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Why Say Hello - The Ruby Tree Club This Tuesday 28 July 10am

posted 26 Jul 2015, 22:38 by Info Manager   [ updated 26 Jul 2015, 22:39 ]
Networking can be very intimidating and a lot of business owners dread going to event. 
Chris Carpenter is entertaining and easy to listen to. The topic matter will be presented in a fun and light-hearted manner and yet be engaging and of total benefit to all that attend. 

Attendees can expect to walk away from this Networking event with a fresh set of social networking skills and guidelines that make attending networking events far more enjoyable and beneficial. 

Practical Networking 
This event focuses on learning to get the most from a networking event. 
The Networking Event: 
  • How to work the floor 
  • Who to look for 
  • First impressions 
  • The Potential 
  • The introduction 
  • Drilling down 
  • The Escape 
  • What to expect and what to accept 
  • The Follow Up
  • The Conversion
About Chris Carpenter.
Chris is a proven worldwide "Business Relationship Marketer" or as Chris likes to put it a "Connection Specialist". Corporate Ideas and Solutions Man, Mentor and Connector". 

Chris is currently engaged as Founder / Chairman of the brand new Community Radio Station in the Adelaide Hills “88.9 FM Hills Radio”. 

He is also engaged with two major Australian corporations for training of staff and has placed specialist public speakers for businesses all over the world. The latest being in London for Flinders University. 

Specialising in public speaking, personal development and training for speech technique and delivery for corporate clients, Chris has a background in Mechanical Engineering, RAAF Avionics, Successfully challenged the Tourism status quo and won three State Tourism Awards and has turned Adelaide businesses into profit making ventures through improved customer engagement. 

His focus is on relationship building as a marketing tool. Chris Carpenter says: "No business can exist without a skilled communicator, whether they are customer focused at retail level or involved in creating relationships with a room full of clients".