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The Ruby Tree Club - A night of storytelling 17th Nov 2015

posted 17 Nov 2015, 17:18 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 17 Nov 2015, 17:20 ]
Adelaide Hills Women In Business. Discovering the narrative in doing business with Cindie Smart. 

The Ruby Tree event last night with 15 in attendance. 

The theme to the event was to build a narrative around the business introduction.  By doing so a lasting impression would be formed with a stronger connection.

Cindie demonstrated this perfectly with Sally and Amy who attended the event.  In just two questions their business narratives were born.

Great food and wine provided by Bendbrook Wine & Beef in Hahndorf. 

Many thanks for those that attended, and to Cindie for sharing her story and Di Thompson for coordinating the event.

For further details and upcome events, visit the Ruby Tree Club page
Around the table enjoying somer great food and wine.
The helpful team at Bendbrook Wine & Beef