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The 2nd Year Report Card

posted 4 Sep 2016, 23:43 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 15 Sep 2016, 04:13 ]

October sees the 2nd anniversary of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and you may be interested in some of our facts.

Engagement by the business sector to date:

  • 324 Members
  • 2180 Subscribers to our local business news and updates.

In the past 12 months we have seen:

  • 446 People have attended business events.
  • 704 Advisory sessions held with business owners with ....
  • 162 Startup business having received assistance.
Since opening in October 2014, our approach continues to enhance the interactive communication between local businesses to convert ideas, share skills and knowledge into collaborative business and job opportunities.  We also help business owners simplify complex processes through the use of technology and implementing new skills. Furthermore our unique facilities, business registration / protection services and advice, means that we can help people from startups to established businesses.  

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is privately operated and creates business outcomes that exceeds most government funded programs and business centres. We achieve this by focusing on delivering real business needs and not delivering restrictive funded programs.  

This means that our time and revenue can be better spent on supporting our local business communities to grow.

Overall, we are delighted with the outcomes and wish to thank all of those that have assisted in spreading the word, lending a hand, used our facilities, engaged our services and attending our events.  It all helps and the small cost to you has create a sustainable service that will continue to support the growth of local businesses.

Thank you

Thank You