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TABLE TALK - Two Faced Customers - One Face Wants To Spend More.

posted 28 Jul 2015, 02:23 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 28 Jul 2015, 18:26 ]
Your customers have needs and are seeking reasons why they should be spending more with you.

Introducing Table Talks newest marketing topic "Two Faced Customers - One Face Wants To Spend More."
Starting 27th August at 3pm and held ever 2nd month on the fourth Thursday.

We Are Here - Business
There are businesses that simply wait for an order to appear from a customer whose only role it is to send orders. This business is totally dependent on the customer’s willingness to process orders.

Can I Help You - Business
There are businesses that communicate with customers in terms of price. You know these business as they ask "Can I Help You".  They go out of their way to create a sale on price.

Wow, I Need To Share This - Business
Than there are the businesses that seeks to understand their customer’s needs and share what they know freely to build trust and a long term relationship. They also know that customers are people just like them.  Business that do this create such a bond that promotes repeat business, higher valued sales, referrals and are seen as a unique provider. The person will identify the business as a valued and respected partner in their life.

You will leave this Table Talk with a new perspective on how you can connect with customers and grow your business profits.

Book Now!  90 minutes will change the way you do business.