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Send Me My Membership Stats

posted 14 Aug 2017, 18:08 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 18:09 ]

Have you forgotten your Access Code or lost that file we shared with you?

You can now request a detailed report containing all of your interactions with the AHBC.  If we have shared files with you, a link is provided the rediscover. 

Simply click on the "Send Me My Membership Stats" and enter your Email Address or the 10 Digit that appear on your Cowork Fob.  Allow a couple of minutes for a detailed report to be emailed to you.

Your report includes:-
  • Your Membership Plan.
  • Username and Access Code.
  • Available Vouchers to attend Events and receive Business Advice at no cost.
  • Details on when you attended events, business advice sessions and hired spaces.
  • Links to online files and folders that are shared between you and the AHBC
  • Your Mailbox, Registered Address or Locker information  
It's also easy to update your membership details too.  Click here.

My Membership Stats & Access Code