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Meet your target customers

posted 9 Jun 2018, 00:16 by Process Manager   [ updated 9 Jun 2018, 01:04 by Gordon Kay ]
Meet your target customers.

Are you starting up your own business or looking to build your local business network?

Table Talks are a great way to meet people that are interested in what you know. They are designed for you and your business to be found while building credibility around you and your knowledge.

What are Table Talks?

Table Talks are 90 minute discussions with a small group of business people wanting to learn from you. Table Talks are held at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside at times that suit you.  

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We help by promoting through the AHBC members, local business communities and online business groups.

When people book in you will received their contact name and email for any followup.

About Your Table Talk
The objectives of Table Talks are:
  • A group discussion around a business related topic.
  • The attendees should be able to implement or benefit from the information shared with no obligation to engage you or your products or services.
  • Learning through collaboration and not lecturing.
  • Information is of a general nature. If attendees are seeking personal advice, they are welcome to contact you after and outside of the Table Talk event.
It's Easy
  • Focus your topic to a few key points that your attendees can take away with them.
  • Start your Table Talk by introducing yourself and the topic you are about to cover.
  • Hand out your business card and any support material you wish to share. Hints: Avoid sales material. Prepared handout notes are not critical as content created during your Table Talk using the digital white board can be printed or emailed to attendees at the end of theTable Talk.  Note taking paper and pens are supplied by the AHBC.
  • Ask each attendee to introduce themselves and what they hope to learn from your Table Talk. Hint: Make a note of these items and mark off as covered
  • Deliver around 40 minutes of content and encouraged your attendees to join in and ask questions of you and others. Hint: Normally 40 minutes of group discussion will happen so don't pack too much into your Table Talk.
  • Finish up by reinforcing the key points of your Table Talk.
  • Seek acknowledgement that your attendees expectations have been addressed and clarify as required.
    There is no cost to you, just your time. Attendees may pay a small fee, Fees are retained by the AHBC to cover the cost of the promoting and holding such events.

Topics To Consider
Here are a few topics but are not limited to:-
  • Marketing,
  • Customer Services,
  • Insurance,
  • Grants,
  • Funding,
  • Online Ads,
  • SEO,
  • Accounting / Record Keeping
  • First Aid and fire protection in the work place
  • Directors and Officers Responsibilities
  • Exporting / Importing,
  • Social Media,
  • Remarking,
  • MailChimp Marketing,
  • Using CRM Systems,
  • Building business systems and procedures,
  • Quality Control,
  • Employing, Hiring and Firing,
  • What makes a good and successful business,
  • Managing Staff and HR,
  • Workplace Health And Safety,
  • IP Protection, Trademarks and Patents,
  • Using Accounting products such as MYOB, XERO, Quickbooks,
  • Using Online products such as Receipt Bank, ServiceM8, FushionSoft, Insightly CRM and many more.
  • Google G Suite and other products like Google My Business, Analytics, Webmaster, Maps, Adword etc
  • Microsoft 365 Products,
  • Creating Front Page website
"That's all there is to Hosting your first Table Talk"

You are free to contact your attendees to responsibly promote your business and its products or services as required.

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