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Keeping Business Local - Now with association links and opening times.

posted 3 May 2016, 00:54 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 3 May 2016, 00:56 ]
Opening Times
Members with a Keeping Business Local Listing may have noticed that their opening times have been showing strange looking times. Eg. "Sat Dec 30 1899 18:00:00 GMT+1030 (ACDT)"

If your listing is displaying this type of information, the good news is that it has been fixed.  Simply Rebuild your page to show the correct times.

The other good news is that you can now add Associations to your listing. Simply "Edit Your Associations"

If your association is not shown, just enter under "Other" and we will add a logo and weblink for popular groups.

Button Options
There seems to be a little confusion over the Button links that you can include on your business listing page. 

"Book Now Button" Use this option if you intend to see clients at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, Woodside.  Ideal for local home businesses that don't want to see clients at home.  When a booking is made, emails are sent with each others contact details along with directions to the centre.  If you intend to secure a private meeting room at the centre, you need to book it online.

"Send Message Button" This is by far the most common button.  As we don't show your email address to protect it from spammers, potential clients can send you an message directly from your listing page.  Only at this stage are you and the sender provided each others details by email.

"Apply To Join Button" Us for people to register their interest to join or volunteer with an organisation, club or association. There is no obligation to accept the application, rather it's a means to manage applications and collect contact details

"Send A Referral Button"  All business listings have this button option.  It's a great way to share business leads around and it helps you and the referrer to keep track of leads just in case there is a reward / spotter fee on offer.