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GST & Price Increases for Online Services

posted 3 Aug 2017, 02:06 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 3 Aug 2017, 07:22 ]
Google Fees
Until recently, AHBC members with Google Apps For Work or G Suite have received this service with a wholesale price that excluded GST.  In recent times the ATO have cracked down on the large corporates that don't pay Tax for revenue gained from Australia.  Well, Google is now paying it share of tax particularly GST.

The bad news is that it has been passed on the the customer.  In addition the AHBC has apply a small increase in the order of 3.5% to managing accounts.  The price per user (Mailbox) per has gone from $80 inc GST to $90 inc GST.

Domain Fees
The same applies if you have a Domain Registration or DNS Hosting Product with the AHBC.  The adjustments depend on the type and top level domain services that you have with us.  For further details, please visit for current pricing.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.