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Your office, less than $20/wk.

posted 9 Jan 2015, 00:31 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 12 Mar 2015, 02:21 ]
Less than $20 a week gets you a great work environment and the ability to connect with other wonderful people.  
That's 8 hours per week on the Regular Plan, anyway you want to use it.  Besides the great work place and company it includes Free espresso coffee, tea and other refreshments.  If you're doing the morning school run,  then it includes breakfast too.

But wait! There's more!

Free WiFi access, power, printing and two Free Visitors Passes per month for your friends, clients or suppliers to join you at your away from home office.

Are you starting to think that's great value.  Yes, It is!   You even save 20% when booking the meeting room or boardroom.  

"Unlike your Telco or Bank, we won't surprise you with any unexpected fees even if you exceed your Regular Plan's 8 hours access from time to time."

Need More?

If you need more than 8 hours a week, double it, 16 hours for less than $40 per week with a Frequent Plan.

Want the Real Office with a Real Address?

Why not go 40 hours a week, with a real mail box and mailing address for your business, 10  Free Visitors Passes per month and Free access to meeting room or boardroom if not booked or unused.  For less than $80 per week with an Annual Executive Plan.

Save even more by becoming an Annual Member!

Save a further 10% when you become an Annual Regular members (Easy monthly instalments).  Get a further 5% discount on any Annual Plan if you make one annual EFT payment.

Come & Try!

Need more convincing?  Visit during one of the "Come and Try" days and discover what your new work place has installed for you.