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Go check the new 1 July pay rates

posted 29 Jun 2017, 18:59 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 29 Jun 2017, 19:02 ]
A message from the Fair Work Ombudsman - 30th June 2017

New award wages and allowances come into effect from July 2017 - so please check yours now!

Where do I get the new rates?
The quickest way to get the new rates is through the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT). Just remember to set the date to 1 July. You can also get the new award rates from our downloadable pay guides.

TIP: Saving your PACT calculations or pay guide to your My Account Profile means they will be automatically updated whenever there’s a wage increase.

Who do the new rates apply to?
The increase only applies to employees that get their pay rates from:
  • the national minimum wage 
  • a modern award or 
  • a registered agreement (in some cases). 
The increase won’t affect employees who are already getting paid more than the new minimum wages. Visit this website for more information on who the increase applies to.

When do the new rates take effect?

The new pay rates apply from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2017. So, if your pay week is from Monday to Sunday, the new rates take effect on Monday 3 July.

Got a question?
Rather than waiting on the phone, most people find it easier to submit an online enquiry through the Fair Work Ombudsman My account service.

Changes to penalty rates

Changes to penalty rates affect the Hospitality, Pharmacy, Fast Food, Retail and Restaurant industries and come into effect on 1 July, 2017. the Fair Work Ombudsman have updated its pay tools to reflect these changes. Read more about penalty rates here