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Get Free Tax Help

posted 20 Jul 2016, 19:19 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 20 Jul 2016, 19:26 ]

Free Tax Assistance - Tax Help program

If you need help to lodge your tax return, you may be eligible for the Tax Help program. Tax Help is a network of ATO-trained and accredited community volunteers who provide a free and confidential service to help people complete their tax returns.

Tax Help is available from the Adelaide Hills Business Centre located at 82 Onkaparinga Road, Woodside, every Wednesday through August and October.

Am I eligible for Tax Help?

You are eligible for Tax Help in 2015-16 if your income is around $50,000 or less for the income year and you did not:
  • work as a contractor, for example a contract cleaner or taxi driver 
  • run a business, including as a sole trader 
  • have partnership or trust matters 
  • sell shares or an investment property 
  • own a rental property 
  • have capital gains tax (CGT) 
  • receive royalties 
  • receive distributions from a trust, other than a managed fund 
  • receive foreign income, other than a foreign pension or annuity. 
What can volunteers help me with?

Volunteers can help you lodge your tax return online, claim a refund of franking credits, complete a non-lodgment advice or provide limited advice.

Book an appointment: Hourly appointments are available every Wednesday commencing in August. 

Telephone 0411 784 042 and leave a recorded message with your name and contact number for a return call or select Tax Help using the contact form on this page.

Your appointment will be confirmed by email where provided or telephone.

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