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Food Industry - Risk Taking – Consequences And Missed Opportunities

posted 29 Jun 2017, 01:07 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 29 Jun 2017, 01:26 ]
With many local businesses in the food industry, you will find Andrew Thomson's article below of great interest. 

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By Andrew Thomson 27 June 2017 - Think ST Solutions

Risk taking by many food business owners and managers is prevalent throughout the broader Australian food industry as they are failing to comply with food law requirements. It seems every week there is a report of a food business being fined or issued with an infringement notice for failure to comply. Data from food prosecution registers and media reports across Australia supports this view.

So, what are the risks and consequences?

As a former food regulator and consultant, I am observing:
  • many food business owners and managers have not updated their knowledge and understanding of food law and their business obligations (including at board of director level).
  • inadequate monitoring and reporting of performance.
  • operational risks associated with employee training, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of food safety systems and correct task management in all aspects of food handling.
  • a lack of understanding and inadequate cleaning and sanitising practices of equipment and surfaces.
  • small to medium sized food manufacturers and processors are deficient in food safety systems and procedures for recalling unsafe food and other documented business processes.
Steve White from global insurance brokerage and risk management firm, Arthur J Gallagher (Australia), says the best way to protect your customers – and to avoid costly lawsuits, penalties, business interruption and reputational damage – is to know your obligations, maintain food safety standards and have the right insurance.

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