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Chess & Go Venue

posted 13 Sep 2016, 17:44 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 13 Sep 2016, 17:45 ]

Are you an intellectual minded person? 

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is seeking interest from local Chess and Go players or people that would like to learn.  The Adelaide Hills Business Centre has a very comfortable venue to hold game nights.  The cost is simply a gold coin donation to cover coffee and other refreshments when attending.

Chess is a game of strategy and if you have never played or would like to learn, please register your interest on our contact form. (Select Game Events on Contact Form)

Most people know of the game Chess but what about Go. Go is an abstract strategy board game for two and the aim is to surround more territory than your opponent.  The game originated more than 5,000 years ago, and is the most played and oldest board game played today.  Go is vastly more complex than chess, and possesses more possibilities than the total number of atoms in the visible universe.

Open to all levels and ages so please contact to register your interest (Select Game Events on Contact Form) and once we have a number of people interested we shall arrange an evening to catchup