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Becoming more sustainable

posted 5 Jul 2016, 20:49 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 5 Jul 2016, 22:07 ]
For our regular coworkers you would have noticed a few new additions at the business centre including air conditioning in the Cowork Space and Boardroom.  

Since winter is upon us and with the increasing cost of energy we have decided to move forward our sustainable objectives with a 5kW PV solar system to offset our power consumption.

Our summer power consumption is a low 250 Watts of power per hour. (Averaged over the month) The low energy consumption is contributed to the solid stone construction (Thermal Mass), low power consumption products and high rating insulation as fitted during the refurbishment 2 years ago.  The result is a constant pleasant work temperature even during the hottest of days.

However the thermal mass works against us in winter with last years power consumption being in the order of 1330 Watts per hour on average. So in goes the more energy efficient heating and PV solar arrays to offset the winter cold.

With a total investment in the order of $9k for the air conditioning units and solar arrays we are keen to become energy neutral over the forthcoming year with 100% payback in just over 2 years.

Origin Energy will be holding a session on minimising your power cost and usingalternative power generation on the 3rd of Aug at 5:30pm.  Book in and discover how you can save too.