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Barossa Council, Are They Anti Business?

posted 21 Dec 2016, 07:14 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 21 Dec 2016, 08:25 ]

This is about a family owned business that in 2007 gained council permission to operate a restaurant and cellar door. A neighbour lodged a complaint with Liquor Licensing Board and the The Barossa Council about "noise" from functions held at the Grand Cru Estate Winery and trading without council approval. Council requested Peter and Roz Seppelt, owners of the Grand Cru Estate to reapply for Development Approval some 7 years after building up their business.

The Development Application involved a further request by council to engage a Acoustic Engineer to measure noise levels. As you can imagine, this plus legal advice and other consultants fees quickly added up to tens of thousands of dollars for Peter and Roz. The engineering noise report demonstrated that Grand Cru Estate operated within the council requirements.

The neighbour still continues to make complaints, furthermore the neighbours doesn't even live on the property. They have a B&B and I suspect the attraction to the B&B business is the delightful gardens and restaurant at the Grand Cru Estates.

The Barossa Council has at this stage rejected Grand Cru Estate's resubmitted development application forcing the family business to close.

Seriously wrong action by The Barossa Council and how it has reached this decision is unbelievable.

"There is a petition that you can sign online to indicate your concern"  Click Here.

Lets hope with your support this will put some reality back into the Barossa Council's thinking and highlight the impact that such action can have on any small family business, their life's savings, hopes and dreams.