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Work Has Started

posted 10 Sep 2013, 16:43 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 15 Sep 2014, 07:04 ]
The Adelaide Hills Business Centre will soon be the place for business people and local community groups to gather and collaborate to gain greater insights, share new ideas, achieve goals while creating a new passion for work and life.

The first of our new centres is currently being refurbished and is located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills township of Woodside.

We has taken a 1850's / 1905's stone bungalow and given it another life to service the people of Woodside the neighbouring communities.

While the delightful bungalow has serviced many families over 140 years, it is undergoing a face lift with open spaces, fitting of new age technology and improved building performance with environmentally friendly outcomes.

The Woodside centre will symbolise what's to come with localised facilities, easily accessible with a responsible approach towards reusing existing buildings to reduce waste and cost.

Reveals a stripped out area that will form the Cowork 
zone opening up into the Executive Lounge area. 
The transformation will be amazing.