ATO Business Events In Hills

posted 16 Aug 2017, 20:53 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 16 Aug 2017, 20:59 ]

Come along to our face-to-face tax workshops run by ATO staff.
Two Informative ATO events in October
ATO - Employer Essentials

Date and Time : Wed 11th Oct 2017  6:30pm to 8:00pm
Cost : Free For All

Do you have employees, or are you thinking of employing workers?

Understand your tax and super obligations as an employer.

Secure your seat and BOOK NOW to come along to this FREE workshop run by ATO staff.

You’ll learn about:
  • what to do when you hire workers, and how to determine whether they’re employees or contractors 
  • pay as you go withholding (PAYGW) annual report and payment summaries
  • how to report fringe benefits to your employees
  • superannuation guarantee (SG) rates, reporting and due dates. 
  • taxable payments reporting (TPR) for the building and construction industry.
We will show you online tools and resources and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.
This is a great opportunity for you to network.

Please bring a pen and calculator. After the event we will send you a short online survey – we value your feedback and suggestions.

ATO - Record Keeping Event

Date and Time : Thursday 12th Oct 2017 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Location : Adelaide Hills Business Centre. 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road Woodside 5244 SA
Cost : Free For All

Are you new to business, or thinking of starting a small business?

Good record keeping is important even before your first transaction occurs.

Good record keeping can save you time and helps you to claim all the deductions to which you’re entitled.

So give your business the best start!

REGISTER NOW to come along to this FREE workshop run by ATO staff.

You'll learn:
  • why good record keeping is important 
  • what records to keep and for how long 
  • tips for retaining good records 
  • where to get help and support 
  • an introduction to ATO online tools and reporting. 
We’ll show you an example that demonstrates:
  • typical transactions, 
  • how to deal with cash receipts 
  • payments, and 
  • how to report amounts in the activity statement. 
We will show you online tools and resources that can help you and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for you to network.

Please bring a pen and calculator. After the event we will send you a short online survey – we value your feedback and suggestions.

Send Me My Membership Stats

posted 14 Aug 2017, 18:08 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 18:09 ]

Have you forgotten your Access Code or lost that file we shared with you?

You can now request a detailed report containing all of your interactions with the AHBC.  If we have shared files with you, a link is provided the rediscover. 

Simply click on the "Send Me My Membership Stats" and enter your Email Address or the 10 Digit that appear on your Cowork Fob.  Allow a couple of minutes for a detailed report to be emailed to you.

Your report includes:-
  • Your Membership Plan.
  • Username and Access Code.
  • Available Vouchers to attend Events and receive Business Advice at no cost.
  • Details on when you attended events, business advice sessions and hired spaces.
  • Links to online files and folders that are shared between you and the AHBC
  • Your Mailbox, Registered Address or Locker information  
It's also easy to update your membership details too.  Click here.

My Membership Stats & Access Code

Deloitte - Media Consumer Survey 2017

posted 14 Aug 2017, 17:08 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 17:08 ]
Know how your potential customers are interacting online with Australian media and digital preferences.

Focusing on four generations and five distinct age groups, this sixth edition of Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey delivers a view of how Australians are consuming different media and entertainment and how this has changed over time.

Click here to visit Deloitte website, download the report and get up to speed quickly from the online video content.

Bird in Hand Gold Project Local Business Discussion

posted 10 Aug 2017, 18:53 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 10 Aug 2017, 18:54 ]

Invitation to local business (Near Woodside) to attend a discussion on Bird in Hand Gold Project

D4G ( has been commissioned by Terramin Australia to work with the community to identify the opportunities and impacts of the Bird In Hand Gold Project near Woodside in South Australia. More information on the project can be found at

D4G has scheduled a number of focused discussion groups to bring together key experts, peak bodies or community members with common interests.

D4G are inviting you as a local business owner or operator to a meeting on; 

Wednesday 23 August 2017
7pm – 9:30pm

Christine Charles and Kim Muhlen from D4G will facilitate a discussion of the possible impacts and benefits from the proposed project. The information generated from this meeting will be collated by D4G and fed into the project design process, as well as the regulatory process.

To assist discussions, Martin Janes, Terramin CEO will provide an introduction and update on the Bird In Hand project.

Please RSVP to or use the "Book In Now" button below, by Monday 21 August, 2017. 

If you are not able to attend but would like to discuss the project, please contact D4G. 

Contact Phone : 08 7228 6181
Contact Email :

Casual Membership Update & Benefits

posted 3 Aug 2017, 02:09 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 12 Aug 2017, 10:38 ]

Back 3 years ago we offered you Casual Membership for free to try and engage with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.  During this period a number of business services have been developed to assist members and we have helped hundreds of startups to get off to a successful start.

Your membership include: (More details)

  • Sound business advice with transfer of knowledge
  • A local business directory whereby each business listing is now promoted over a 1000 times a month online and through emails.
  • Increased business referrals and networking opportunities.
  • Increased business support activity by council through event sponsorship Eg. "May Business Month".
  • The Business Tool Kit package that contains online templates and support documents.
  • The AHBC Cashbook accounting system that now forms part of the Business Tool Kit.
  • Access to benchmarking data covering a large range of Industries.
  • Access to facilities that are normally out of reach or not available for SME's.
  • Online business systems and domains services.
  • Social media and SEO tools and learning.
  • Subsidised entry to events and workshops.
  • Free initial business review meeting with all new members.
  • Phone and email support on minor matters.
  • Budget minded products and services including corporate structures and trademarks.
  • Free event and news promotion services for members to reach thousands.
  • Online Facebook group pages with a high following
  • and much more.....
From the 31st of October 2017 and on the anniversary of your casual membership, a membership renewal invoice for $95pa will be sent to current members. This enables us to continue our current services and develop new services for you and your business.

Your online business listing and referrals will continue and you will receive complimentary event vouchers at various time during the year.

We are keen to provide you with excellent value and your support in continuing your membership will greatly benefit you and your local business sector.  Remember that the Adelaide Hills Business Centre is not government funded and that only exist because of people like.

To check your current membership status, please click here.

Many AHBC members have not claimed their free service and event vouchers.

Use the button below to retrieve your email report.

Membership Status & Access Code Recovery

Update Your Details

Change Plan

GST & Price Increases for Online Services

posted 3 Aug 2017, 02:06 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 3 Aug 2017, 07:22 ]

Google Fees
Until recently, AHBC members with Google Apps For Work or G Suite have received this service with a wholesale price that excluded GST.  In recent times the ATO have cracked down on the large corporates that don't pay Tax for revenue gained from Australia.  Well, Google is now paying it share of tax particularly GST.

The bad news is that it has been passed on the the customer.  In addition the AHBC has apply a small increase in the order of 3.5% to managing accounts.  The price per user (Mailbox) per has gone from $80 inc GST to $90 inc GST.

Domain Fees
The same applies if you have a Domain Registration or DNS Hosting Product with the AHBC.  The adjustments depend on the type and top level domain services that you have with us.  For further details, please visit for current pricing.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Adelaide Hills Council Needs Your Input

posted 2 Aug 2017, 00:52 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 2 Aug 2017, 00:53 ]

Over the past couple of years the Adelaide Hills Business Centre has been working closely with the Adelaide Hills Council to enhance business opportunities.  To date the outcomes have been very positive and promising.

However for the Council to better serve your business sector they seek your assistance to complete a short business survey.  It will only take a few minutes of your time so please consider as it is sure to assist.

Perks Business Boost Awards

posted 18 Jul 2017, 00:08 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 00:08 ]

The Perks Business Boost Awards were developed to specifically support entrepreneurial South Australians in bringing their business ideas to life, and present the opportunity for two South Australian businesses to access/win $35,000 worth of vital business services across two categories:

Start-Up Business Advice entries are suited for entrepreneurs and young businesses who have been in operation for less than three years (1 month – 3 years) and need support to really get their start-ups up and running and on the right track right from the beginning. The aim of this award is to encourage and support entrepreneurial flair through a prize of $20 000, which includes $15 000 of vital professional services and business mentoring, and $5 000 cash to spend on other business expenses the winner may have.

Business Growth entries will be suited to those who have been in business for 3 or more years. This award is aimed at business owners who need assistance with their young business to reach the next level of growth. This prize includes $15 000 worth of vital professional services and business mentoring.

PDF brochure attached.

For full details, including terms and conditions, please visit our website at

Entries for the competition close COB, Monday 28th August 2017.

New Online Business Toolkit

posted 29 Jun 2017, 19:15 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 25 Jul 2017, 22:31 ]

Good quality business tools can be difficult to locate or use but not now with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre's revised Online Business Toolkit.

"Now with an accounting system. Ideal for SME's and Self Managed Super Funds where a costly accounting system is not required. Calculates your GST balance and separates your business and personal transactions. 


AHBC Members - Free
(Use your membership email when downloading)

Non Members $75
(Try Before You Buy)
or become a Casual Member for only $95 and get this and much more.  Click here to join.
For startups, a easy to use online accounting system, business plan template, budget and price calculator for your products and services plus more. For growing businesses, employment "Letter Of Engagement" and other document to minimise business risk in your business.Your Business Toolkit is online and live, so if you need assistance or advice, the AHBC can access your files as you are working on them. You can also share your files with your accountant, business partner and others. Avoid multiple revision documents, now work from your master documents.

AHBC Members can freely create their Business Tools any time. Non Members can try and then decide to buy for $75. An email is sent to you containing a link to your Online Business Tools plus payment details for non members.

Main Documents Supplied: (Explore samples as indicated)
  • New! Cashbook Accounting System - Simple accounting system for business. This spreadsheet allows you to enter your business bank transaction to generate a "Profit and Loss" and "Cash Flow". The system also calculates your GST balance and separates your private and business transactions. Idea for smaller business that don't need a full account system. To view a sample with data, click here.
  • New! Advanced Cashbook Accounting System - The above but with more.  Allows for 3 bank type accounts to be managed, includes an asset depreciation schedule and balance sheet to determine your equity position.  To view a sample with data, click here.
  • New! Loan Amortisation Schedule - Helps you to calculate and optimise your bank loans. 
  • Price Calculator - Calculates the price tag for goods or hourly service rates. This spreadsheet takes into account your business overheads (The hidden Cost of doing business), production waste and profit margins. To view a sample with data, click here.
  • Letter Of Engagement – Suitable for full-time and part-time new employees. [EASY] 
  • Business Plan - This template provides an overview of what's in a business plan and how it helps you and your business. The template includes most questions that you expect to consider when starting or reviewing an existing business. The Business Plan is also bank friendly particularly when combined with the Budget, Action Plan and Cashflow spreadsheet as outlined below.  To view this template, click here.
  • Budget, Action Plan and Cashflow - One spreadsheet with it all. Ideal for any business that is seeking to grow and expand. Should be used in conjunction with the Business Plan above. 
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Looking for some simple tips to increase your online engagement and business transactions. This 3 page document provides a sound insight to SEO in your business. 
  • Accepting Credit Cards Online, In-Store or Anywhere - What can you use to process credit and debit card transaction (Mastercard & Visa). This document covers the 3 most common systems. Point Of Sale, Mobile and Online systems either through a bank or other providers such as PayPal. Suitable for first time business owners and local market businesses. 
  • NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement - A bilateral agreement between you and others for those times that you need to share information around your intellectual ideas or property. Ideal for new business ideas or products that you may wish to protect with a trademark or patent. 
  • MOU or Memorandum Of Understanding - This MOU sets outs the terms and understanding between various individuals and/or businesses. 
  • DOA or Deed of Assignment - Transferring the ownership of intellectual property normally requires a Deed Of Assignment to protect the seller and buyers interest. 

Go check the new 1 July pay rates

posted 29 Jun 2017, 18:59 by Gordon Kay   [ updated 29 Jun 2017, 19:02 ]

A message from the Fair Work Ombudsman - 30th June 2017

New award wages and allowances come into effect from July 2017 - so please check yours now!

Where do I get the new rates?
The quickest way to get the new rates is through the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT). Just remember to set the date to 1 July. You can also get the new award rates from our downloadable pay guides.

TIP: Saving your PACT calculations or pay guide to your My Account Profile means they will be automatically updated whenever there’s a wage increase.

Who do the new rates apply to?
The increase only applies to employees that get their pay rates from:
  • the national minimum wage 
  • a modern award or 
  • a registered agreement (in some cases). 
The increase won’t affect employees who are already getting paid more than the new minimum wages. Visit this website for more information on who the increase applies to.

When do the new rates take effect?

The new pay rates apply from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2017. So, if your pay week is from Monday to Sunday, the new rates take effect on Monday 3 July.

Got a question?
Rather than waiting on the phone, most people find it easier to submit an online enquiry through the Fair Work Ombudsman My account service.

Changes to penalty rates

Changes to penalty rates affect the Hospitality, Pharmacy, Fast Food, Retail and Restaurant industries and come into effect on 1 July, 2017. the Fair Work Ombudsman have updated its pay tools to reflect these changes. Read more about penalty rates here

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