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Welcome to the AHBC's media room.

The Media Studio has all the equipment and software needed to make promotional videos or to record voiceovers and podcasts. With Green-screen, lighting, microphones, editing software and a Sony Handycam, you are well equipped to produce high quality footage for your business.


Lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of film, it is said to be the primary difference between amateur footage and a professional video. Here at the AHBC, we make lighting easy for you.  

    1. Make sure the room lights are off

      • Close the curtains, the curtains help to reduce sound reverberations in the room
      • Avoid casting shadows on the green-screen as they can interfere keying later on

    2. Hit the power boards button to turn on the lights

    3. Do a quick test with a stand-in, and line up the key and fill lights


The Sony Handycam is very easy to set up and use effectively. It records high quality footage and has many useful features you can utilise.

  1. To turn the camera on, simply open the LCD screen

    • Make sure to switch your phone to Airplane mode, or turn it off to avoid interruptions during filming

    • Check battery, it needs to be full if you are going to film for a long time period

    • To take a battery out, push back the slider underneath the camera and unclip the battery pack
  2. Set the focus and exposure by touching the LCD screen and pressing the AUTO/MANUAL on the left

    • Alternatively you can set it to Automatic, by touching the AUTO/MANUAL icon

  3. If you wish to record to an SD card, there is a slot available under the HDMI panel

    • To select where you wish to record to, go to setup → Media Select → Memory Card/Internal Memory

  4. Line the camera up at eye level, slightly below is okay

    • Make sure to leave headroom, roughly 10% of the video height as a gap is standard

  5. Hit the Start/Stop button on the camera to start recording

  6. Once your video camera is ready, you can set up the Audio


Good voiceovers leave a lasting impression, a warm and friendly voice that 'pops' can have a dramatic effect on your video. The hardware here is high quality, very easy to use and we offer a range of options to suit your project. The XENYX and 58A microphone is a well suited combination for a a solo voiceover.While the Blue Yeti microphone is very well suited to conversations between multiple people. 

  1. Write a script and set it up on teleprompter, in a large, readable font

    • Read over your script roughly seven times, just to get a feel for the words and pronunciation
    • Rewrite any lines you don't feel comfortable voicing

  2. Plug in your audio equipment

  3. Open Final Cut Pro X on the MAC

  4. Go to Window  Voiceover and select either the Yeti Microphone or the XENYX302 with a microphone

  5. Do a test run, the voiceover needs to be loud

    • During the rehearsal Adjust the microphone settings through headphones to get optimal audio quality

    • To avoid distortion or buzz, keep the audio levels in the middle of the bar

  6. Use the Clapper to help sync audio and video

  7. Hit the record button (red circle shown below) to start recording

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