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My Membership Stats & Access Code

Use this form to receive information about your membership by entering your user email address or 10 digits fob code if supplied.

Informations supplied by email:- (Allow 3 minutes)

Username = Your username is linked to your email address. Click here to update your email address.

Access Code or Fob ID = Your 10 or 4 digit number to verify your online AHBC transactions.

Voucher = Vouchers that are currently available for you to use. Enter your Vouchers Code when booking events and business services online to receive membership discount.

Share Online Folder = A list of shared folders and information that you have with the AHBC.  Links are provided to access content.

Events, Sessions & Space = A list of event and sessions that you have booked online with the AHBC and spaces that you have hired.

Plan Details = Casual (PAYG) or Coworker (PAID) and Payment Terms as either Monthly or Annually.  The "Fixed Until" date indicated the term of a fixed price.  After this date membership terms and prices may change.

Locker No. = Your locker number at the AHBC

Post Box No. = Your Mailbox at the AHBC or "Registered Addresses" (RA) mail boxes.

If you cancel your membership, all available vouchers are cleared along with other membership entitlements.