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My Membership Status, Access Code and More

Use this form to receive information about your membership by entering your linked email address or 10 digits fob code if supplied.  
(No ten digit Fob ID and not sure which email is linked, try each email address until you receive a confirmation email with your membership details.)

Informations supplied by email:- (Allow 3 minutes)

Username = Your username is linked to your email address.  

Access Code or Fob ID = Your 10 or 4 digit number to verify your online AHBC transactions.

Voucher = Vouchers that are currently available for you to use. Enter your Vouchers Code when booking events and business services online, HOOPLA Blast and Cowork / Visitors Days Passes.

Share Online Folder = A list of shared folders and information that you have with the AHBC.  Links are provided to access content.

Events, Sessions & Space = A list of events, hired spaces and sessions that you have booked online.

Plan Details = Casual (PAYG) or Coworker (PAID) and Payment Terms as either Monthly or Annually.  The "Fixed Until" date indicated a fixed price period.  

Locker No. & Post Box No.  = Details if you have a locker or mailbox at the centre.

If you cancel your membership, all available vouchers are cleared along with other membership entitlements.