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Domain - Transferring My Domain From The AHBC

To transfer your domain to another Domain Registrar, you will need to access your AHBC Domain Account and obtain your domain Registry Key (Password)

  1. Access your AHBC domain account at http://domains.adelaidehillsbc.com.au 
  2. Sign into your account.  Click here for some further details.  Go to the section on Domains Passwords.
  3. Go to to your domain names by selecting the "Domain WWW" menu icon
  4. Select the domain name you wish to transfer.
  5. Select the 3 bar button to show the Registry Key menu item
  6. Select the Registry Key menu item to view the key. Copy this key to transfer to another registrar.
  7. Ensure the Domain Lock is set to "Off" otherwise the domain will not transfer.
  8. Access your user profile near the shopping car icon and select payment settings. Click here for further details
  9. Turn off any auto renewal payments for the transferred Domain or Service. If you do not remove the Domains and Services it is assumed that the Domains and Services will still being maintained by the AHBC regardless where you have transferred your Domains and DNS Hosting Services.  This is a common assumption that people make however many domain owners prefer to register their domains with one organisation while host with another organisation.
We trust that this is of assistance and should you need further assistance, please contact us using our technical support form.