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Tell me about renting a locker

Members with Pre Paid Annual Subscription can attach a small or half length locker to their membership plan.  Lockers provide a convenient way to store your belongings between visits.

Small lockers are 370W x 400H x 450D - Ideal for storage of smaller items such as notebook computers, books etc.

Half length lockers are 300W x 825H x 450D and fitted with clothing hanger rail. - Idea for cyclist that wish to have a change of cloths on hand.

Your AHBC Key Fob is used open your locker and lockers are only available to members with prepaid membership plans.

Rental Terms

  • You will need to attend the AHBC to have your AHBC key fob linked with your locker. 
  • No food, liquids, fuels or dangerous goods are to be stored in lockers.
  • Avoid storage of valuables as the Adelaide Hills Business Centre does not cover your items for theft or damage.
  • Lockers are cleared out when ongoing rental is not maintained.  Any removed property must be collected within 7 days otherwise property will be disposed off.