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Facilities - Quick Hire a Space, QR code or Online Form

Members, Quick Hire is an easy way to book a space for an hour while at Business Centre.

You can secure a space for one hour if not booked by another member within one hour of the booking.

Easy Online Booking Method
  • Scan the QR code on the space you wish to hire or 
  • Enter the web address above the QR code or
  • Click on the following links.
How it works
  1. Enter your membership Email Address and the last 4 digits on your key fob on the Quick Hire booking form.
  2. Your booking starts at the time you press the submit button and continues for 1 hour.  You will see your booking on the online calendar with QH: {Your First Name} - {Name of Space Booked}
  3. An email will be sent to you containing the unlock code for the space.  If the space is booked you will be informed.
  4. Enter the unlock number on the digital door lock followed by the padlock key.  For details on how to use the digital locks, click here.
  5. Based on your membership, you will be invoiced soon after the event for your prompt payment.