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Facilities - NFC & Charge Points

Your Adelaide Hills Business Centre is fitted with a number of Near Field Communication (NFC)devices and mobile charge points. You will find these special power outlets near seating areas or where you can rest your mobile device to charge.   They feature  regular 240V sockets and two USB sockets mobile device charge outlets.  

Mobile Charging

The twin USB sockets are powered 5 Volt ports and are perfect for charging current mobile phones, including the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S, iPads, iPods, other mp3 players, GPS navigation devices, cameras etc.  Simply use your charge cable or use one of the AHBC supplied cables to keep your devices charged.    

Some table tops are also fitted with Qi wireless charges.  Simply place compatible devices over the top of Qi charge points.  Not that phone covers with metals object may limit the level of charge obtained.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has become a buzzword for many manufactures of mobile phones and tablets.  The name for the technology is a giveaway to how it actually works. If you have two NFC capable devices, then they are able to communicate with each other if they are close to each other. This communication occurs via radio frequency. 

Using the AHBC NFC tags

You can program your NFC device to perform specified tasks such as open a web page, configure phone settings, or even send text just by waving the device near a NFC tag. 

For instance, when you reach the Adelaide Hills Business Centre you may want to put your phone in silent mode when you wave your phone near one of the AHBC NFC power outlets. 

Simply use your NFC app on your device to encode a NFC tag and set the task including:-
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings (Airplane mode, auto-sync, GPS on/off, mobile data on/off)
  • Sound and volume settings (sound profile, ringtone, ring/notification volume, notification tone, media volume, system volume, alarm volume, and vibrate when ringing)
  • Display options (brightness, notification light, auto rotation, display timeout)
  • Social media (tweeting,  Facebook, Google Latitude, Google Places)
  • Messages (autosync, sending email, composing SMS)
  • Apps and shortcuts (open app, close app, open activity, pause, open URL/URI, speak text, navigation, dock)
  • Multimedia (start/stop media playback, move to next media, play previous media)
  • Alarms (set alarm, set timer)
  • Events (create event, create calendar timestamp)
  • Security (activate lockscreen)