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Members - Not For Profits

The AHBC provides a range of reduced cost services for organisations that are considered by the AHBC as Not For Profits.

Your organization's does not need to be registered as a Not For Profit nor an incorporated body under the state of South Australia.  You only need to demonstrate that your you are part of a community organisation or group that provides a range of non commercial services and is also not funded or owned by the government for the delivery of services.

Typically, Not For Profits are sporting clubs, community groups and industry associations.

For your organisation to be considered as a Not For Profit member at the AHBC, you may be required to demonstrate one or more of the following:-
  • Does not deliver commercial services or products.
  • That your organisation is not government funded except for project deliverable grants at community levels.
  • The organisation is registered as a Not For Profit with the ACNC.
  • The your organisations is local and community focused around sport, interest groups, education and the like.
  • That your organisation is not owned or funded by government.
  • Your organisations is incorporated and / or has a board / committee that consist of local people in your community.
Please contact us to consider your membership associated with a Not For Profit.  On approval, you will receive a code that can used when creating bookings, hiring facilities and the like.