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Members - Cowork Member's access to spaces

Cowork freedom - If you are a Cowork Member then you have FREE access to the Meeting Room, Boardroom and outside areas if not pre-booked. However, you will need to share the space with other at the centre.  You don't have exclusive rights unless you hire the room.

You can view if a room is available by the display in the passage or booking web page

If you wish to book the room for your exclusive use, click here for booking greater than an hour or use one of the Quick Hire links below for an one hour booking.  The QR Codes on doors will also take you to the appropriate "Quick Hire" form.  

An email will confirm your booking along with the access code to enter.  Click here for further details on room access locks.

"Quick Hire" online forms

QR Code located on Board Room Door

Space - Board Room

Space - Meeting Room Door