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Executive Member's Free Space

Enjoy your Executive freedom.

If you are an Executive Member then you have FREE access to Private Spaces if not pre-booked or in use by others.

The Private Spaces include the centre's Board Room and Meeting Room.

To access these rooms, simply scan in the QR Code located on the appropriate Space door and complete the online "Quick Hire" form.  An email will be forward to you with a four digit access code.  Click here for further details.

QR Code Readers

iPhone QR Reader App, Click here.
Android QR Reader Apps, Click here.

A Fair Uses

The "Quick Hire" system provides an hour of FREE access.  While there are no limits to the number of times you can gain an hours access, please consider the needs of other members.

"Quick Hire" online forms

QR Code located on Board Room Door

Space - Board Room

Space - Meeting Room Door