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G Suite - Change Password, Recovery Email, Image and Phone Number

If you have a Google Apps For Work (Google G Suite) account and wish to change your recovery email address and phone number (The email address or phone where by Google will send recovery information and critical account updates), open your Google Mail or other Google Application in your web browser.  From the top right of the screen, click on your profile image to access your "My Account" or click here.
Hints for lost passwords : If the AHBC established your Google Account, search for an email with "AHBC Google Apps For Work" or "AHBC Google G Suite" in the subject line. It will contain your account details and password otherwise, request a reset. Click Here to reset you missing password. (A support fee will apply)

You can also upload your profile image if you wish.  We highly recommend that you upload an image of yourself or some identifiable image that you will recognise as yours.  By doing so, your image will appear before you enter your password.  You now know that you are on a Google site and not being scanned.

You may be required to enter your password again to access your "My Account" details.

Locate and Click the link to "Signing In To Google" from the "Sign-in & Security" column.

The next page will enable you to reset your password and update your recovery information.  (Click on the ">" character)

If you have your Google account managed by the AHBC and wish the AHBC to make changes on your behalf, simply lodge your request online.  Click Here to get started.  (A support fee will apply)