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Domain - Closing my account and notifications

If you have a domain name and / or DNS hosting services through the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and wish to change your notification level or cancel your account, than this page will assist you to fast track the process.

1. Access your account at http://domains.adelaidehillsbc.com.au

2. Select your username displayed in the top right of your domain dashboard. (See Image)

3. Select "My Profile" Button.

4. Select "Edit Profile" Button.

5. Notification - To change what level of information your receive, select "Preference" Table and select email and phone notifications.  Note that we are required to ensure that you are aware of any expiring domains and other services. (See Image)

6. Deactivate Account - If you wish to close your Domain Account with the AHBC, select the word "Active" next to your account name (See Image) and follow the prompts to "Delete Account".  

You will need to confirm your action and enter your password to remove your account. See Warning Below.

Closing you domain account does not have any direct effect in cancelling any other online services such as Google G Suite or if you have AHBC membership.