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Shared Business Resources

When you become an AHBC member, you will automatically receive an email containing a URL link to a Google Drive Shared Folder.  The Shared Folder contains your business toolkit templates and documents.  As an AHBC members may create any number of Share Folders any time.  Start Here

Non AHBC Members can purchase access to the Shared Folder of business tools.  Start Here

The templates and documents are designed to use online with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.  You may download the files to your computer should you wish to keep them private.

Working with the templates and documents online, enables the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to assist you as required. 

The online documents are only accessible to those that know your Shared Folder URL.  For this reason you should protect the email that contains your Shared Folder URL.

Your Shared Folder is also where you and the Adelaide Hills Business Centre can exchange uploaded files.  
For example, you wish to have your business logo trademarked through the Adelaide Hills Business Centre trademarking service. You create a new folder in your Shared Folder, called "Logo" and upload your business logo to the folder.  When we process your Trademark we will create a new folder called "Trademark".  All documents that retain to your trademark will be shared with you through the online Trademark folder. 

To learn more about Google Drive and your Shared Folder, Click here.

Main Documents included: 
  • NEW! - Cashbook Accounting System - Simple accounting system for business. This spreadsheet allows you to enter your business bank transaction to generate a "Profit and Loss" and "Cash Flow". The spreadsheet also calculates your GST balance. Idea for smaller business that don't need a full account system. [EASY] Click here to view sample
  • NEW! - Advance Cashbook Accounting System - Same as above with the addition of two extra banks accounts, balance sheet and asset depreciation schedule. [EASY to ADVANCED]  Click here to view sample
  • NEW! - Loan Amortisation Schedule -  Helps you to calculate and optimise your bank loans.  [EASY]
  • Price Calculator - Calculates the price tag for goods or hourly service rates. This spreadsheet takes into account your business overheads (The hidden Cost of doing business), production waste and profit margins.  [TABLE TALK Available - Hidden Cost in Your Price Tag]
  • Letter Of Engagement – Suitable for full-time and part-time new employees. [EASY]
  • Business Plan - This template provides an overview of what's in a business plan and how it helps you and your business. The template includes most questions that you expect to consider when starting or reviewing an existing business.  The Business Plan is also bank friendly particularly when combined with the Budget, Action Plan and Cashflow spreadsheet as outlined below.  [TABLE TALK Available - What's In A Business Plan]
  • Budget, Action Plan and Cashflow - One spreadsheet with it all.  Ideal for any business that is seeking to grow and expand.  Should be used in conjunction with the Business Plan above.  [TABLE TALK Available - What's In A Business Plan]
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Looking for some simple tips to increase your online engagement and business transactions. This 3 page document provides a sound insight to SEO in your business. [TABLE TALK Available - The Line Of Google]
  • Accepting Credit Cards Online, In-Store or AnywhereWhat can you use to process credit and debit card transaction (Mastercard & Visa).  This document covers the 3 most common systems. Point Of Sale, Mobile and Online systems either through a bank or other providers such as PayPal.  Suitable for first time business owners and local market businesses. [INFO]
  • NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement - A bilateral agreement between you and others for those times that you need to share information around your intellectual ideas or property. Ideal for new business ideas or products that you may wish to protect with a trademark or patent.  [EASY]
  • MOU or Memorandum Of UnderstandingThis MOU sets outs the terms and understanding between various individuals and/or businesses. [EASY].
  • DOA or Deed of Assignment - Transferring the ownership of intellectual property normally requires a Deed Of Assignment to protect the seller and buyers interest. [EASY]

Please note that these documents and supplied information is of a general nature and may not match your needs.  You should make a time with a business advisor, your accountant and/or lawyer to discuss further.