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Online - Username, Access Codes and updating your details

Can I change My Access Code?

At this stage you can not change your AHBC 4 digit access code.  If you have the original Access Key Fob, the last 4 digits are shown on the fob is your Access Code. 

How do I change my AHBC Email and Contact Details?

When accessing any of the AHBC online forms, you may be required to enter your Email Address that is linked to your AHBC Membership.

Your Membership Email Address is your User ID and while your Access Code is your Password.  For higher level of online security, you may be required to provide your Access Code (4 digits)

You can update your Membership Email Address and other details by using the last form on this page.  You will need your link Email address and Access Code to complete this task.

If you want a report on all of your membership stats or to recover your Access Code, use the first form on this page

Recover Access Code & Get My Membership Status Report

Update My Details