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The Out-Space, Combines flexibility, innovation and extraordinary resources in one smart space.

Ideal for STEM groups, workshops, meetings, events, and classes. The Green provides further flexibility where outside activities are desired.

Create casual bookings, regular weekly or monthly bookings to Anytime bookings.


  • Presentation & Seating - 25 people 
  • Standing Event - 30 people
  • Yoga / Fitness Type Events - Around 8 to 10 people
  • Workshop Events - Around 12 to 15 people
  • The Green - Around 50 people at any one time
  • BBQ Area - Seating for 8 at any one time
Design, Build and Program Technology Capability
Prototype your ideas using Out-Space extensive range of DIY resources
    • 3D Printing, scanning and laser engraving resources
    • STEM Electronics lab with Arduino Processors and more
    • Attend Hacksaw interactive workshops to discover what you can achieve.


The Out-Space
  • 35m2 of undercover floor space
  • Large format TV
  • Data Projectors / Sound System
  • Large White Board & Markers (1800x1200)
  • Seating for 25
  • Tables (3 folding 1500x750) + (1200x600)
  • Small prep area with fridge, kettle, cups and glasses.
  • Heating / Fans
  • Presentation / Display bench (2400x400)
  • Easy care floor for workshops that may involve some spills and mess 
  • Broom and pan to clean up any spills and mess
  • Roller doors access for easy loading of larger items
  • Fast Start User Manual for all equipment.  See end of this page for download.
  • Extras :- (See Extra Resources below for rates)
    • Coffee / Tea and Refreshments
    • Showers
    • Display Stand (Velcro)
    • Electronics Lab, 3D Printing
    • BBQ and Undercover Seating Area

The Green
  • 300m2 of relaxing garden and lawn areas, ideal for outside activities and events.


The Out-Space is equiped with easy to use visual and sound equipment that will connect to most computer devices.  A simple to follow instruction booklet is included to assist you during your event. (Also attached to end of this page)

How you use the space is up to you.  Lots of chairs and tables provide great flexibility for your event including:-
  • Meetings 
  • Workshops 
  • Art Classes
  • Expo (Marquees on The Green and display in the Out-Space)
  • Market (Marquees on The Green and Food Service in the Out-Space)
  • Yoga Classes
  • Fitness & Meditation Classes  
  • Project Prototyping
  • Interest / Meetup Groups etc
Book once or create a regular weekly or monthly booking and call the Out-Space your home.  We will invoice you prior to each booking date and you have the ability to reschedule your booking at any time upto your booking start time.  Just use the Online Booking Form and select "Edit Booking Date".

The Out-Space is well insulated against the cold and heat and there is heating and wall fans to make your stay more comfortable. 

Room Hire

Casula Rates 

Casual Booking by the Hour Out-Space
Out-Space &
*The Green

Casual Hire - Non AHBC Member
(Min 2 Hrs)
(Min 2 Hrs)
AHBC Member - Casual Hire  $40/Hr
(Min 2 Hrs)
(Min 2 Hrs)
AHBC Member + Not For Profits
Clubs, Assoc', Community Groups Etc
$20 / Hr
(Min 2 Hrs)
$30 / Hr
(Min 2 Hrs)
Not For Profits, Contact the AHBC to arrange your special booking code.

AHBC Members Special Out-Space Plans

Out-Space Anytime 10 or 20
OS + Green*
Anytime 10 (Up to 10 hrs / month)  $100 / Month  $150 / Month
Anytime 20 (Up to 20 hrs / month)  $175 / Month  $225 / Month
Contact the AHBC to arrange your Anytime subscription.  Book the Out-Space any number of times during the month.  Minimum 2 hours / booking. No bookings more than 1 month in advanced please.

Out-Space Weekly  
 Out-Space  OS + Green*
1/2 Day - Upwards of 4 hours once a week for 13 weeks minimum  $50 / Week
$75 / Week
All Day - Any time from 7am to *9pm once a week for 13 weeks minimum $95 / Week $145 / Week
Contact the AHBC to arrange your regular once a week fixed time booking.  Booking may be rescheduled subject to availability.

Out-Space Monthly  Out-Space  OS + Green*
1/2 Day - Upwards of 4 hours once a month for 6 months minimum $80 / Month $120 / Month
All Day - Any time from 7am to *9pm once a month for 6 months minimum $150 / Month $225 / Month
Contact the AHBC to arrange your regular once a month fixed time booking.  Booking may be rescheduled subject to availability.

* The Green - All outside events must finish by 7pm
Anytime - When not booked by others, 7am to 10pm & min 2 Hrs per booking

FAQ - OutSpace

Do I need Insurance? - Yes! Your business needs to have some form of Public Liability Insurance in place to hold events, workshops, classes etc. If you intend to hold an open event whereby the general public can attend, the AHBC will required a "Certificate of Currency" before the event is held.
Can we use a PA system? No! Noise and language shall not offend others and must be kept to a minimum.  No public address systems are permitted outside.
Can I rescheduling a bookings? - Yes by using the Online Booking Form
What are the Weekly / Monthly Hire Periods? Minimum booking period of 6 monthly or 13 weekly consecutive bookings.  Booking will appear on the same day of each week or month. 
Can we bring Food and Drink? - Yes! However, you are required to comply with all health standards, regulations and liquor licensing laws.
Can I cancel my booking? - Yes! 72 hours notice is required using the Contact Online Form or you can reschedule your event to another times.  See rescheduling above.
What is 1/2 Days? - 4 hours between 7am and 10pm for the Out-Space and to 7pm for The Green.
What is All Day? - Any number of hours from 7am to 10pm for the Out-Space and to 7pm for The Green.
What about bathroom access? - A key fob can be found in the Out-Space to access bathrooms in the main building.  
Do we need to clean up after our booking? Yes!  A fee may apply if areas are not returned clean with table and chairs stacked or if BBQ gas is not shut off after use.


Resource Item  Rate
Data Projector and Sound System  Free To Use
Display Stand - 8 x large panels + 4 x header panels with brochure display boxes + Case/Table

The display unit can be arranged in many forms. Eg as shown double sided 2400 x 2300mm, Square column 600 x 600 x 2300mm

Velco (Hook) objects will stick to the display including the plastic brochure boxes / business card holders which a number are available.

 $25 / Day
Click Image to Enlarge
3D Printing with Scan / Copy and Laser Engraving. Includes easy to use professional grade 3D printer / laser engraver, iMac, Apps & wide range of consumables ABS, PLA, Nylon, Flex in various colours.
  • Max build area (W,D,H) 200x200x190mm
  • Scan area & resolution 150x150mm (2140 pts/cm^2)
  • Layer Resolution 20 to 400 microns
  • File Types .stl, .obj, .das
  • Free XYZmaker software for Macs and Windows & Manuals. Design at home, book in and print.
Available from Feb 2019

$295 / Day + $80 / kg of consumables including waste.
Prototype your design with this easy to use professional 3D printer - da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1

This printer also provides a copy and reproduction capability
STEM Electronics Lab - Includes iMac, Power Supply, Soldering iron, Signal generator, Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Breadboards and tools. 

Arduino, compatible modules and a standard range of electric components are also available.

This also includes a popular range of IC, enclosures, plugs, sockets, battery holders etc can be obtained a reasonable prices 

Small electronic components (Resisters, Capacitors, Transistors, Diodes) used in projects are normally includes at no extra cost but are subject to quantity consumed. 

Available from Feb 2019

$295 / Day + 
Arduino $30 ea
Modules $5 to $30 ea
electric components $0.20 ea
Misc consumables Included

Coffee and refreshments
(Instant Coffee and Tea within the Out-Space)

$1 / Cup
Pay on the day in coin box
A Shower is available via the Main Building

$5 / Person
Pay on the day in coin box
BBQ and undercover seating area - Please clean hot plate and shut off gas at bottle after use.  Extra cost applies if not cleaned or gas left on. $65 / Day
Does not include food, plates etc

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