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Taking Booking from October 2018 Onwards
Where innovation starts!
Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard and many more businesses started in a garage. The Out-Space is exactly that, an extraordinary space that provides room and resources to design, build, test and evolve.

Online Booking available to AHBC members only.  Not a member, join here.
Non Member's rates twice the Out-Space Rate shown below.  Contact us to confirm your booking.

Out-Space Explorers

Community -  Providing a flexibility and comfortable space for meeting, workshops, art events, expo, markets and more.
Business - Room to conducting events, workshops, yoga, fitness, art classes etc.
Inventors - A space to create and build prototype products
- Providing a home for regular interest groups to hold it's events and workshop.  
Groups are Not For Profits clubs, communities or Meetup groups with a focus on education and knowledge sharing. Eg. 3D Printing Group.

What's in the Out-Space

Out-Space is 35m2 of insulated Garage Space with power, TV, WiFi and seating for 20 with trestle type tables. Access is via rear sliding door and roller door for larger projects.
The Green is around 300m2 of relaxing garden and lawn areas, ideal for outside activities including fitness, art and markets.  Outside power is available at 3 locations. 
Bathrooms, Shower and Kitchen via main building.  Booking member to use Key Fob to access this space.  Use of shower $5pp and Refreshments $2pp.  Further details in "Conditions" below. 
Out-Space Extra - Including 3D printing, Marquees, data projector / sound system, computers and electronic lab to name a few.  Check out the list below.

Book Out the Space - To Book, Click Here

1. Check Out-Space Calendar for available times
2. Complete Online Booking form for either a once only event or regular bookings.
3. Check you email for payment link and booking confirmation.  Regular Weekly and Monthly bookings, we will invoice each month in advance.

Join a Out-Space Group

Hacksaw - Tech Group

Hacksaw cuts through the technology barriers for people that wish to gain and share their technical skills and knowledge with others.  IoT, MQTT, Arduino, Javascript, GPS, Radio and more.  Events are planned to held monthly initially. 
We are currently seeking interest from those that wish to Join Hacksaw.

Create A Group

Create your own regular group at the Out-Space.  We will help you promote you groups and adapt the Out-Space where possible for your group.  Contact Us


Use the calendar to ensure the Out-Space is available. 

Out-Space Rates (Member's Rates or 2 x For Non Members)

Type and Term
35m2 Inside Space with tables and chairs etc
With The Green
35m2 Inside +
300m2 Outside Lawn
Casual Hire (Min 2 Hrs)  $30 / Hr  $45 / Hr
Casual Hire (Not For Profits - Min 2 Hrs)  $20 / Hr  $30 / Hr
Regular 1/2 Day (Weekly Hire)  $50  $75
Regular 1/2 Day (Monthly Hire)  $80  $120
Regular All Day (Weekly Hire)   $95  $145
Regular All Day (Monthly Hire)  $150  $225
Groups (1/2 Day - Weekly or Monthly)  $30  $45
Regular Hire (Weekly & Monthly) assumes a minimum booking period of 6 monthly or 13 weekly bookings. 

Out-Space Extra Resources 

 Item  Rate
Data Projector and Sound System - Located in Out-Space building  $30 / Day
Market Marquees 3m x 3m ready for you to popup in minutes.  $75 Each / Day
3D Printer with colouring and 3D Scanner.  Including Computer, software and a basic range of consumables. Special materials and on request at additional price. -  Available Early 2019
$550 / Day
(Subject to application & material usage)
Electronics Lab - Including soldering irons, signal generator, oscilloscope, multimeters and basic tools.  Electronic consumables at addition price. (Arduino, Board, Wire, Resisters, Sensors, Terminators, Capacitors, Transistors etc)  $250 / Day
Subject to application & parts usage)
Computers Apple iMac with apps. $120 Each / Day
Coffee and refreshments
$2 / Cup
Pay on the day in kitchen donation box
$5 / Person
Pay on the day in kitchen donation box
BBQ and seating area $65 / Day
Does not include food, plates etc
Extra Resouces are regardless of 1/2 Day or All Day hire.

Out-Space Conditions

  1. Member's Bookings - The member hiring the booking must be in attendance at all times.
  2. Not for Profits - Must be pre-registered with the AHBC to obtain Special Discount Code and only for Not For Profits activities. Does not apply to Regular or Group Bookings.
  3. Weekly and Monthly Hire terms (Regular) assumes a minimum booking period of 6 monthly or 13 weekly.  Regular booking will appear on the same day of each week or month.
    Regular booking will continue until you Contact Us to cancel your ongoing Regular bookings.
    50% of remaining bookings fees will apply if your Regular booking does not meet the minimum booking period.
  4. Food and drink may be served and consumed in the Out-Space.  However, you are required to comply with all heath standards and regulations.
  5. All organisations using the Out-Space must maintain a suitable level of liability insurance for there activities at the Out-Space.  The AHBC may ask for certificate of currency.  It is also up to the person booking the Out-Space to ensure such insurance will be in place at the time of hire.
  6. Groups are Not For Profits clubs, communities or Meetup groups with a focus on education and knowledge sharing. Eg. 3D Printing Group. Groups are open to anyone to join with the only exception being age. Your Group must be promoted online Eg Facebook, Website, Meetup etc. The AHBC may also promote your Groups on the AHBC website.
  7. 1/2 Day is 4 hours between 7am and 7 pm.  All Day is any number of hours from 7am to 7pm.
  8. Noise and language shall not offend others and be kept to a minimum.  No public address systems are permitted outside unless agreed to by the AHBC.
  9. Access to toilets in Main Building is via Member's Key Fob.
  10. Use of shower $5.00pp. Pay in kitchen donation box.
  11. Coffee and refreshments $2.00pp. Pay in kitchen donation box.
  12. A Clean up may apply if areas are not returned clean with table and chairs stacked. Vac and broom supplied.
  13. All other terms and conditions here