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A flexible and functional room with more then a twist of technology.

A private meeting room for you and your team to share. Equipped with Air conditioned, WiFi, Smart board (See video below), Data Projector, Printer/Scanner, TV, Apple TV, Apple Mac Computer, Webinar cameras, 
real espresso coffee and other refreshments and large table for you and invited guests 

(Seats 8 however extra seats can be supplied for up to 12 people max)

The technology in this room is walk up friendly.  The digital wall works with the touch of your finger just like a iPhone or tablet device.  Draw, write, scan in, pc connect, copy, paste, resize, rotate and much more. At the end of your meeting, you simply save or email all of your work boards to your guest. See video below.

Ideal for product launches, group meetings, workshops, presentations, webinars, web-based seminars and training sessions or creation of staff development videos.

If your group needs to break into cluster groups, you can also use the Cowork space subject to current usage and as long as your activities do not impact on members using the space.  

Room Technology 

To connect to the interactive whiteboard with your computer use the cables supplied or Airplay with Apple devices.  (Cables located in Top Drawers)

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Smart Wall Technology - Turn on and start.

Walk Up Technology - Some of technology you can expect to find.

Web Cam #1 - Ideal for remote meetings and when sharing the whiteboard with external viewers.
Web Cam #2 - Ideal for webinars and recording of presentations.