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Send A Referral

Keep business local by referring business leads to fellow members.

Only AHBC members can send referrals to fellow members.  Click here to become a member.  It's Free!

When should I send a referral?
Send a referral when you have a family member, friend or client that you know is considering a product or service that can be helped by a fellow member.

What happens when I refer?
You and the business referred will receive a confirmation email.

The email will contain your name and contact details (Email and Phone).

Business referrals that you have previously supplied shall be listed as a reminder to your value and assistance.

The referred business will also be reminded of any entitlements that may be owned your referral.

It's up to the referred business to make contact.  If you identify that no action has occurred, please contact the business directly just incase the initial email went missing.

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