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Business : Redifi
Contact Name : Jan Klan
Phone Number : 04 9855 9736

A customer retention tool built around your free Wi-Fi.

The main purpose of Redifi is to increase your revenue through putting your free Wi-Fi to work. It establishes a communication channel between you and your customers, using that channel to bring them back more often.

You can find a similar solution in airports and shopping malls: a login screen appears when you connect to their free Wi-Fi network. You are asked to provide some contact details and accept terms of service before being granted the Internet access.

That is close to what Redifi does, except that you don't need any IT skills, any army of IT staff or enormous budget for network infrastructure upgrades to start using it.

In fact, Redifi does much more. It helps you understand your customers' visiting habits, it lets you promote your business activities and products on the login page, and as mentioned above, it talks to your customers based on emailing rules you define. It is a platform which lets you use it so that it matches the rest of your business and marketing efforts.

All that in a set-and-forget manner.

There are two main thoughts behind Redifi:

  • We think even small businesses should be able to access the advanced Wi-Fi hotspot technology. It should not be a privilege of large enterprises anymore.
  • We know people in charge of business have very little time to spare, so Redifi exists to open a new marketing channel providing measurable results with an economy of effort.

We offer a free one month trial with no obligations.

We'd like to show you what we do so you can decide if it can be of benefit to you and your business.

Redifi is backed by a Hills-based family business, Tactic Media Pty Ltd. Find out more at


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